Pappy Qojo Reveals How He Got Dumped By One Kate & Why He Gets Dumb-founded When Ladies Approach Him

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I guess, Pappy Qojo story fits for the popular saying “All that Glitters is not gold”.

We all know the hottest  musician on the block now, Pappy is one striking handsome young man with an incredible talent.

I thought fresh boys don’t get dumped until I watched the rapper’s sad love story on The Late Night Celebrity Show with Vanessa Gyan

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In the interview, he disclosed that, he is a very shy guy and is unable to know what to say to a girl even after saying “Hi” to ladies.

When Vanessa Gyan asked  Pappy Qojo about the attention he got from ladies after his fame, he said;

“I don’t know how to talk to girls. I’m a shy person and I wouldn’t know what to say next after exchanging pleasantries. I know I’m the Realer No but if I’m around beautiful girls I’m left dumbfounded.”

He also reminisced on the show how his girlfriend had dumped him when he was a nobody, just an ordinary underground artiste struggling his way to make his name and what made it even worse was that he had lost his job then too.

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He also disclosed in the interview, that his latest song with Sarkodie “Ay3 Late” was inspired by his ex. And from listening to the song one can infer that, his ex is called Kate and that’s all we can say.

“Yes, I think last two years, she dumbed me. I was a nobody. And that’s what the songAy3 Late is all about. That’s the whole story in that record. I had nothing, I was a struggling rapper, I lost my job and so she dumbed me. But after I made Realer Noand Wave with Joey; she tried to get back but I told her it was too late!” he said.

Well, we can tell, he must have been heart-broken when he was dumped by her because in his lyrics, he asks anyone who comes across her to chop her down for him. He didn’t get laid, we guess.

It appears, the Kate girl wants to get back with him, now that he has become famous and making it already but then, it’s already late for her, the is a new woman on the line. Ay3 Late ampa!


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