More Than 10 Comedians To Crack & Dislocate Ribs Of Ghanaians On November 26th–HERE’S WHY

As the days accelerate to Election day in Ghana, several activities are being held to get the message of the essence of peace across. Of the many events that is being held to preach the need for peaceful elections, the first edition of the Pararan & D’Comics which will be held on November 26th is one that anyone who wants to have a good laughter, shouldn’t miss.

Laughter is indeed good for the soul and it’s on this note that DxD entertainment has collaborated with ‘Friday’s Pub Sakumo to bring the first edition of the Pararan & D’Comics comedy show to calm down tensions and also ease stress as wait for Election day to elect a new leader to lead the country.

” We want to us this medium to unite Ghanaians towards the upcoming election and after the election, also advice citizens and foreigners not to engage in any violence of any form. Ghana our motherland is the only home we have, as good citizens let peace be our priority” one of the organisers told

The comedy show will see the best comedians in the country cracking the ribs of all who will make it to this event. Hogan, Jacinta, Legend, OB, E-Laff, Augustin, Parrotmouth, Gasor, Khemical and several other comedians will be present to crack jokes.

What’s even more exciting about is the fact that the whole show is FREE! Yep, you don’t have to pay any money to have a good laugh, so why should you even miss this opportunity?

So mark the date, it’s 26th November at the Friday’s Pub after the Sakumono Hospital and the show starts at 7p prompt.

Pararan & D'Comics
Pararan & D’Comics


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