Part 2:”He Told Me His Pastor Said It’s His Destiny To Be Taken Care Of By Ladies” Facebook Girl Myzz Adel Tells Her Sad Story

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We shared a story with you the other time about a girl known as Myzz Adel Bae on Facebook who came ranting in a Facebook Live video after one guy known as Jeffery Fargo f*cked with her emotions.

Well, interestingly we’ve seen the full video where it all started. It turns out that she decided to go live when Jefferey threatened to post her n*de photo after she claims to have broken up with him.

In the video which is hilarious, the young girl who perhaps wanted sympathy from the public narrated how she was lied to by this guy who promised her the whole world.

The man Jeffery Fargo–Chopped Adel ‘FALAAA’ with fresh boys things and some wicked vibes

She revealed that Jefferey had told her his mom lives outside the country when in reality, the mom sells banku at Bantama. ( It’s not an offense or demeaning to sell Banku but the girl says, she was surprised the guy had to lie and betray her mom)

From the look of things, the girl couldn’t deal with the fact that Fargo cheated on her after and after breaking up with him, he’s threatening to post her n*des online, the main reason why she decided to go live and tell it all.

According to Adel, the Fargo guy told her that, his pastor has informed him, it’s his destiny for ladies to take care of him. And truly he got the chance to be taken care of by ladies, yet he blew the chance away by cheating on them.

There were far too many revelations in this video. If you love gossip, watch it below:



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