Pastor Allegedly Forced To Marry The Corpse Of His Late Fiancée After Lacing Her Drink To Abort Pregnancy

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A pastor who’s reportedly in Abia State is said to have been forced to marry the corpse of his late fiancee after attempting to abort her pregnancy which led to her death.

The social media user took the digital space to call him out over his continued service to his church despite his sins as he laced the fiancée’s drink with a substance and led to her death.

According to the narrator, the pastor called the family of the fiancée that she is ill but her sister jumped in to reveal that she has died and the family found out that he had laced her drink after autopsy and was an attempt to abort her pregnancy.

After he was questioned he accepted he had hands in the death of her fiancée and was arrested and released because he will marry her corpse.

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The narrator says he’s still being called by churches to preach and give ministration and still walking freely.

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