Pastor allegedly refuses to wed couple for hugging in pre-wedding photo

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A Nigerian pastor allegedly refused to join a man and woman together in holy matrimony on the ridiculous basis that they hugged in their pre-wedding photos.

One of the guests at the wedding blew the cover on this issue on Twitter as he recounted how the ceremony was delayed for two hours because the priest refused to wed the couple.

As revealed in the introductory section of this report, the pastor was not enthused with the fact that the couple have gone ahead to join each other as husband and wife already so he had no business blessing their marriage.

The bride and groom and their parents had to spend two hours pleading with the pastor before he agreed to wed them on the condition that the cover of the brochure will be removed.

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The wedding was eventually held at noon and guests were given a wedding program without front and back cover.

Read the story below.

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