Pastor fights slay queen who was eating during a live video session on social media, calls her evil- Watch

A pastor recently confronted a lady for eating while live on TikTok and did not hesitate in ascribing biblical connotations to her actions.

The unidentifed pastor claimed the action of the lady is evil and a means designed to enchant men

Interestingly, the so-called man of God says the way she eats is sexy and might make men look for prostitutes to sleep with because it is not normal. 

Watch the video below;

In an unrelated story, a Nigerian man living abroad has alerted his friends on TikTok that the room he rented is close to a cemetery and this gives him the chills every night as strange noises emanate from the place.

Apparently, he had no idea his new place was close to the cemetery until he moved in. He, therefore, lamented in a video making the rounds online that he hears some sounds at night that he thinks come from the cemetery.

His followers asked him why he did not check the room before paying to which he responded by saying he said he paid online.

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