Drama as Ghanaian pastor caʋght red-handed ‘doing it’ with married woman, video drops

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The clandestine activities of a fake man of God were exposed when he was digging his unrestrained manhood between the legs of a married woman in her matrimonial home.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught by the woman’s husband who together with his friends and probably family members, filmed him and splashed the footage all over social media.

The shamed-faced man while trying to explain himself, said it was the woman who invited him over saying she was feeling very lonely and needed company.

Speaking in Twi, he said he stopped whatever he was doing and rushed to her abode to pray for her as he was even planning to go on evangelism that day.

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The unnamed pastor said when he reached there, he asked about the whereabouts of her husband to which she replied by saying he was attending to some business projects.

Eventually, one thing led to the other they had s3kz. Watch the video below;

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