Pastors have brainwashed their members for far too long, they are part of Ghana’s problems- Renowned Ghanaian pastor, Osofo Kyiriabosom

The head pastor of Life Worship Centre, Rev Cristian Kwabena Andrews has said unequivocally that pastors are largely to be blamed for the retrogression of the country despite all the fasting and prayers.

In a fiery interview conducted on Accra FM on Thursday, the popular man of God who once attempted to be the President of Ghana in the last general elections where he led the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) party, said pastors have succeeded in brainwashing their members with rigid dogmas and doctrines.

Kyiriabosom said these so-called pastors sell the heaven and hell theory to them yet they run to seek medical attention abroad when they are ill, including the politicians.

“So, as a pastor who has been preaching about the existence of heaven and urging congregants to seek the path of heaven, why seek medical attention when you are sick? If there is a place like heaven and sweeter than earth, why don’t you die and go?” he asked.

“You can only go to heaven when you die, so, why refuse to die?” he fired. He then observed that while these pastors are building mansions and driving nice cars, they tell the congregation to leave their jobs and come to church thereby impoverishing them at the end of the day.


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