Pastors Must Stop Living Luxurious Lives And Start Helping The Needy – Okyeame Kwame

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Veteran sensational rapper, Kwame Nsiah-Appau popularly known in showbiz as  Okyeame Kwame/ rap doctor has urged religious leaders in the country to advocate environmental change through sermons they preach to members of their congregation instead of scaring them about hell.

Okyeame Kwame who was speaking at the 2019 Global Youth SDG summit, said that sustainable development will be achieved faster if religious institutions go beyond preaching morality and urge members to practice measures that will sustain resources.

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“If the churches will tell the congregants to plant trees, this world would be green”. He said.

According to Okyeame Kwame, greed has been the cause of under-development in most communities because people are concerned with satisfying personal desires rather than protecting the environment.

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“Can we just decide to be one with this body of ours and this earth that God has gifted us and just live in it as though it is the test to go into the heavens,” he quizzed.

Okyeame Kwame said everyone had a role to play. The rap doctor believes that the conversation to achieve the SDGs must go beyond stakeholder participation and involve everyone.

“It must go beyond big English and go down to the streets. We need to have some of the slay queens… because if we get Moesha Buodong to post the SDG messages, 2 billion people will hear it instantly,” he said.

He further urged that lustful desires should be cut in order to sustain the environment. According to him pastors should cut down on living luxurious lifestyles and support communities and empower the needy with resources.

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