Patapaa goes mad once again; vows to teach blogger Zion Felix a bitter lesson (+ Video

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Following his seemingly one-sided dispute with the celebrity blogger, Patapaa Amisty has released his poison in a new video acquired by GHBase.Com.

Zionfelix and Patapaa’s wife, Liha Miller, were seen enjoying a night out in Köln, Germany, and Patapaa took to social media to express his displeasure.

A new video shows an enraged Patapa attacking Zionfelix for replying to his wife-snatching charges by calling them ‘baseless’ and ‘meaningless,’ respectively.

“You’re a foolish boy. Are you expecting me to sing praises for you after the stupid thing you did without my consent,” Patapaa said in a self-recorded video to Zionfelix who had earlier called him on the phone over the allegations.

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But from the look of things, Patapaa is pissed off to the highest core as he has vowed to teach the blogger under discussion a lifetime lesson.



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