Patapaa Reveals How Thugs Attacked Him & His Crew With Knives After His Show At Obuasi

Ghanaian artist, Patapaa has given a horrifying details about how he was robbed at knife point few minutes after his recent concert at Obuasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The Afrobeat artiste, who was all over social media catching some fun with his German girlfriend, Liha Miller around that same time, revealed in an interview that some gangs attacked him and his men moments after the show.

According to Patapaa, he and his ‘boys’ decided to have some drinks at a nearby spot after his electrifying performance and that was when the unfortunate incident happened.

“After my show in Obuasi, my team and I decided to step out for a drink on Sunday. While we were in the bar, some guys about 8 of them came in as fans not knowing they were armed robbers.”

“So I sent one of my guys to bring me something from my car then one of the guys swiftly hit my guy’s hand and took the key and refuse to give it back. In the midst of the confusion, I tried getting the key but one the guys in the midst of the fight stabbed me in the hand with a knife.

“One of the guys, the tall one was demanding for GHs20.00 so he will tell his boys to release the key and stop the confusion, that’s when I knew it was a planned thing. the next day, the caretaker at the hotel where we slept, went to where the incident happened to threatened them to bring everything they’ve stolen else she will report the case to the police and the military, that’s when they return my bags and other things. So I told my manager Free Body to secretly take a picture of them when they get there.” , Patapaa said in the interview.

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