Patience Ozokwor: Quick Facts On The Veteran Nigerian Actress-Turned-Evangelist You Probably Do Not Know

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I married at a young age to please my father, I was suffering but couldn't complain – Patience Ozokwor speaks [Video]

Biography Of Nigerian Actress Patience Ozokwor

The Biography of Patience Ozokwor is not only fascinating but also attention-grabbing. She used to be an ordinary teacher, but her life totally changed for good when she joined Nollywood. The veteran Nollywood actress has left a mark in the industry as she has managed to capture the hearts of the fans of Nollywood movies across Africa and the world. 

As a very controversial character, many had no choice than to fall in love with her talent.

If you love watching Nigerian movies, the name Patience Ozokwor who has the nickname “Mama G” sounds very familiar to you. Patience Ozokwor biography proves that she is one of the most successful and famous faces in the Nigerian entertainment industry. 

Who is Patience Ozokwor?

Patience Ozokwor can be described as an actress, musician, fashion designer and an Evangelist. Mama G shot to the limelight when she was cast to play a role in the movie Authority which was released in 1999. Since then, she has starred in over 250 movies which have made her an African movie icon.

Profile Summary Of Patience Ozokwor

  • Full names: Patience Ozokwor 
  • Nicknames: Mama G or Mama Gee 
  • Date of birth: September 14, 1958 
  • Place of birth: Ngwo, Enugu State, Nigeria 
  • Age: 62 years as of January 2021 
  • Nationality: Nigerian 
  • Children: (3) Nduku Ozokwor, Uche Ozokwor, Chioma Nnenna 
  • Profession: Actress, musician, fashion designer, Evangelist

How Old Is Patience Ozokwor?

How old is Patience Ozokwor now? Mama G was born on September 14, 1958, in Ngwo, Enugu State in Nigeria. She is aged 62 years as of 2020. Patience spent most of her early childhood years in Enugu State before moving to Lagos where she attended Abimbola Gibson Memorial School in Lagos. 

Education Background Of Patience Ozokwor

For her higher education, she enrolled at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu, where she graduated with a degree in Fine and Applied Arts. After graduating from college, she tried her hands-on teaching and practised it for some time.

Later on, she decided to go into broadcasting and worked with one of the local radio stations as a newscaster. 

Patience Ozokwor Acting Career

Patience Ozokwor had a passion for acting when she was still in primary school. At that time, she acted in different stage plays. She was very popular among the students because she was cast to play the role of Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play titled Hamlet. She also did a commercial with Pete Eneh before she got into the film industry. 

Patience debuted her professional acting career when she was cast to play a role in the radio drama titled Someone Cares which was aired by the National Television Authority (NTA). Because of her acting prowess, she began landing roles in movies. In 1999, she was cast to play a role in the highly successful and popular movie titled Authority. Since then she has starred in many movies. 

Patience Ozokwor Movies (Filmography)

Mama G has been cast to play a role in more than 100 movies. Here is a list of movies she has starred in:

  • Ukwa (1995)
  • Terrible Sin (2001)
  • Mothering Sunday (2001)
  • Greedy Genius (2001)
  • Desperadoes (2001)
  • The Final Clash
  • (2002) Sunrise (2002)
  • Submission (2002)
  • Pretender (2002)
  • Old School (2002)
  • Miracle (2002)
  • Fire on the Mountain (2002)
  • Christian Marriage (2002)
  • Under Fire (2003)
  • The Storm is Over (2003)
  • The Cross of Love (2003)
  • Private Sin (2003)
  • Price of the Wicked (2003)
  • Mr Trouble (2003)
  • Market Sellers (2003)
  • Forever Yours (2003)
  • Evil Woman (2003)
  • Cry No More (2003)
  • By His Grace (2003)
  • Blood Sister (2003)
  • Billionaires Club (2003)
  • 2 Rats (2003)
  • Police Woman (2004)
  • The Staff of Odo (2004)
  • My Mother My Marriage (2004)
  • My First Love (2004)
  • Mama G in America (2004)
  • Mama, I Will Die for You (2004)
  • Heritage (2004) Annabel (2004)
  • Women in Power (2005)
  • Ways of the Heart (2005)
  • Torn Apart (2005)
  • The Corridors of Power (2005)
  • Soul on Fire (2005)
  • Rings of Fire (2005)
  • Men at War (2005)
  • Ladies World (2005)
  • Good News (2005)
  • End of Dreams (2005)
  • Divided Kingdom (2005)
  • Dangerous Blood (2005)
  • Crying Angel (2005)
  • Winning Your Love (2006)
  • Total Crisis (2006)
  • The Humble Lion (2006)
  • The Devil in Her (2006)
  • The Final Days (2006)
  • Sweet Mama (2006)
  • Sacred Blood (2006)
  • Pounds and Dollars (2006)
  • Nowhere to Run (2006)
  • My Mother’s Decision (2006)
  • My Love My Sorrow (2006)
  • Unfinished Business (2007)
  • Unfinished Business (2007)
  • Will of God (2007)
  • Saved by Sin (2007)
  • Pride of a Woman (2007)
  • Love and Likeness (2007)
  • Lions Den (2007) KingdomApart (2007)
  • Goddess of the Sun (2007)
  • Blood Apart (2007)
  • Area Mama (2007)
  • Stubborn Doctor (2008)
  • Strength to Strength (2008)
  •  Indian Doctor (2008)
  • Heart of a Slave (2008)
  • Heaven After Hell (2008) 
  • After My Heart (2008)
  • Act of Faith (2008)
  • Power of a Kiss (2010)
  • Open & Close (2011)
  • World of the Mind (2012)
  • The End is Near (2012)
  • My World (2012)
  • Bridge of Contract (2012)
  • The sin of a Woman (2013)
  • Cry of a Witch (2013)
  • To Rise Again (2014)
  • Idemili (2014)
  • Overseas (2015)
  • Chief Daddy (2018)
  • Don’t Get Mad Get Even (2019)
  • Scars of a Mother (2020)
  • Bad Comments (2020)

What Is The Net Worth Of Patience Ozokwor?

Patience boasts of a very successful career in Nollywood as she has featured in more than 250 movies. How much wealth has she amassed to date? Her net worth is estimated at $780,683. She is one of the richest and most influential actresses in Nollywood right now.

The income she has earned as an actress has significantly contributed to her net worth. She also earns a significant amount of money from her career as a singer and fashion designer. 

Patience Ozokwor’s Husband

Patience Ozokworgot married at the age of 19 years. She was forced to marry a man she did not know by her parents. Despite being forced to get married against her will, she learned to enjoy her married life, and she became a good wife and mother. 

Who is Patience Ozokwor’s husband? Unfortunately for Mama G, her husband passed on in the year 2002 after battling an illness for 15 years. He was a mechanical engineer and worked as a civil servant in Enugu.

After she lost her husband, Mama G did not get married again because her children prevented her from remarrying. Patience still misses her husband many years after his death. 

Patience Ozokwor’s Children?

Patience Ozokwor and her husband were blessed with three biological children. However, Mama G has five other adopted children who all bear her name. Her son, Nduka Ozokwor, used to play for Enugu Rangers before relocating to Turkey to play football.

At the moment he plays for MKE Ankaragucu. Nduku has an elder brother, Uche Ozokwor. People often wonder and ask who the daughter of Patience Ozokwor is.

Well, the name of her daughter is Chioma Nnenna Lameya Ozokwor. There are rumours about Patience Ozokwor twin daughters, but there are no twins among her eight biological and adopted children.

Where Is Patience Ozokwor Now?

The veteran Nollywood actress has been off the screens for some time now. This has left her fans questioning if she has called it quits. The reason why she is not active in the industry is because of her calling into ministry. At the moment she is working as an evangelist. 

Eight years after she was ordained, she is actively involved in spreading the word of God. It is hard for most of her fans to believe that she is a pastor because she has been portrayed as an evil and wicked woman in the movies. However, she is a very generous, kind, funny, and lovely person to be around in real life. 




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