Patrick Ndlovu Wikipedia, Age, Cause Of Death, Obituary

Peter Ndlovu was a famous Zimbabwean football coach and former player. He was formerly the manager at the South African Premier Division side known as Mamelodi Sundowns. Read this article to find out more about his Wikipedia and more.


Peter Ndlovu was born on 25th February 1973, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Patrick Ndlovu discovered his love for football at an early age. Growing up in a country where football is deeply embedded in the culture, Ndlovu honed his skills and developed a natural talent for the game. His technical prowess, vision on the field, and exceptional goal-scoring abilities soon caught the attention of local scouts.

In the late 1990s, Ndlovu began his professional career with Highlanders Football Club, one of Zimbabwe’s most successful and revered teams. His performances on the pitch quickly earned him a reputation as one of the most promising young talents in the country. With his lightning-fast speed, clinical finishing, and ability to create opportunities, Ndlovu became a key figure for the Highlanders.

His success at the domestic level led to international recognition, and Ndlovu received his first call-up to represent the Zimbabwean national team, the Warriors. He became an integral part of the squad, showcasing his skills in numerous international tournaments, including the Africa Cup of Nations. Ndlovu’s contributions to the national team cemented his status as a national hero and earned him the respect of football fans across Zimbabwe.

Following his retirement as a player in the early 2000s, Patrick Ndlovu seamlessly transitioned into coaching, using his vast knowledge and experience to nurture young talents. He obtained coaching licenses and dedicated himself to developing grassroots football in Zimbabwe. Ndlovu’s commitment to the sport and his ability to inspire players earned him a reputation as an astute coach.

Ndlovu’s coaching journey reached new heights when he was appointed as the head coach of various clubs, including Bulawayo City FC and Chicken Inn FC. Under his guidance, these teams enjoyed success and consistently performed well in domestic competitions. Ndlovu’s coaching philosophy emphasized discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic, instilling these values in his players and fostering a winning mentality.


Patrick Ndlovu Wikipedia 

Patrick Ndlovu was born and raised in Zimbabwe on 25th February, 1973. He played as a striker from 1988 to 2011, mostly in England, primarily for Coventry City in the Premier League and Birmingham City, Huddersfield Town, and Sheffield United in the Football League. His career continued with Highlanders, Mamelodi Sundowns, Thanda Royal Zulu, Highfield United, and Black Mambas in his native continent of Africa. He scored 37 goals in 81 appearances for his country.

After retiring, Ndlovu transitioned into coaching and served as Zimbabwe’s assistant manager before returning to Mamelodi as the team’s manager.

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Patrick Ndlovu Cause of Death

Patrick Ndlovu’s cause of death has earned massive attention on the internet. However, according to reliable sources, the former football coach died a natural death and no cause had been attributed to his passage.


Patrick Ndlovu Age

Patrick Ndlovu was 85 years of age as at the time of his death. The famous football coach and former footballer was born on 25th February 1973.


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