Patty Breton Playboy, Facts About the Arrested playboy model

Patty Breton is a celebrated American model and actress born on November 27, 1970. Despite the fact she is known well as Pretty Breton, her actual birth name Patricia Yanet Breton.  

Early Life of Patty Breton Playboy

There are many times high profile Personalities put details about their private life under the carpet and Party happens to be one of those. The actress successfully kept most of her early life details away from the public including names of her parents, siblings as well as her educational background.

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Patty Breton was a former actress who played many roles in several high profile movies. She starred in the movie Baywatch where she played a minor role. Her excellent performance helped her gain more popularity in the public space after the movie was released.

She was a member of the Raiderettes cheerleaders for the then LA based NFL team in the 1990’s. She threw her support for the NFL team in every aspect including some financially dealings. 

The Baywatch movie was produced and released in the year 1989 and Playboy Cheerleaders was released in the year 1997 then in 1987, Married With Children was released. Patty featured in these and many more films .

Relationship status

Being a mode, there are many eyes on Patty from her fans and all well wishers who are eagerly to know the man that is in her life. Interestingly, The Actress has kept her relationship aspect also out of the Public space completely, in fact there’s no record of her relationship or marriage affair but it is certain that there’s a man in her life.

Patty Breton Playboy
Patty Breton Playboy

According to research, Patty has two daughters who are currently living in the United Kingdom. However their names and ages including their father is still under the veil.

Patty Breton Playboy Arrest 

The actress invoked the violence in her on a Delta Airlines Flight from Florida to Atlanta on December 23rd 2021. Patty attacked a man because he brawled her analogy. The incident attained a high height to the extent that Patty slapped and spit on her victim.

While many who heard the news thought it was just a mere allegation, fans were thrown into a complete state of shock a video footage of the incident was released for public view.

In the video that went viral, Patty was seen shouting, clapping and spitting at an old man’s face.

Since the incident, Patty has been refereed to as a Karen, which means a woman who creates a scene without any good reason.

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She was then accused of causing injury to fellow passengers and crews through her actions. She was arrested as a result and federal courts subjected her to spend the 2020’s Christmas behind bars and made her first appearance in court before the United States Magistrate Judge Christopher Bly in Atlanta on Monday December 27.

She was later released on an unsecured $20,000 bond. However, she was banned from traveling on common carriers including planes except for flights home to Los Angeles.

Patty Breton Playboy Net worth

Patty’s monthly salary was $85k and her net worth is estimated to be over $6 million.

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