Patty Raynes Cause Of Death, Obituary, Funeral

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Patty Raynes, a Manhattan Socialite, was found dead at her Wellington, Florida, home on April 27, 2023 by her housekeeper.

Patty Raynes was born into a wealthy family, so many believe she did not have to work to earn money. Many also believe that she had inherited money from her father Marvin Davis’ wealth after his demise.

Raynes, the eldest child of the late oil magnate Marvin Davis, served as one of the role models for the Carrington family in Aaron Spelling’s enduring drama “Dynasty.”

The Hamptons socialite Patty Raynes was well known for her participation in horse competitions on Long Island, charity parties, and friendship with Ricky and Kathy Hilton. She was happily married to her husband, Martin J. Raynes, a New York real estate developer.

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Raynes was referred to by friends as “a sweet persona with a heart of gold.” She was also really humble despite her family being extremely wealthy.

What caused Patty Raynes death?

Manhattan socialite Patty Raynes was found dead in her Wellington, Fla., home by her housekeeper on Thursday morning.

Raynes was admitted to the hospital last week because she was having trouble breathing due to her severe asthma, according to the spokesman. The authorities haven’t released a cause of death, but her family believes she died from asthma-related problems.

What is Patty Raynes Obituary?

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Patty Raynes’ mother, Barbara Davis, while breaking the news said;“On behalf of the Davis family, we are heartbroken by the untimely passing of our dear Patty Davis Raynes. I’m devastated to share that my daughter passed away earlier today after suffering from an asthma infection. Patty left a hole in our hearts that cannot be filled. We appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and respect for privacy during this unimaginable time.”

When is the funeral of Patty Raynes?

The date for Patty Raynes funeral is yet to be communicated by the family.



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