“Paul Adom-Otchere is not a journalist, he is a village lotto forecaster” – Sharp mouthed Aseidu Nketiah fires Good Evening Ghana host [Video]

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The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress has fired the host of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana show by describing him as a village lotto forecaster.

This comes as a reaction to recent shows churned out by Paul Adom Otchere where he pointed out Aseidu Nketiah as an orchestrator of the fall of the NDC in recent elections.

Paul Adom-Otchere had maintained that Aseidu Nketiah, John Mahama and other functionaries of the NDC through their actions and inactions have and are continuing to lead the party down the drain.

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On Thursday, April 22, Paul Adom Otchere on the Good Evening Ghana show tore deeper into the NDC conundrum and explained why he believes Aseidu Nketiah affectionately called General Mosquito has lost relevance and has hijacked the party for doom.

This, and many other conspiracy theories churned out by Paul Adom Otchere has received a stern and strong response from General Mosquito who has said he does not see the former as a journalist but can be best be described as a village lotto forecaster.

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According to him, Paul has not delved deeper into issues and in the bid to do the bidding of his supposed paymasters is forecasting how NDC is on the path to destruction. Aseidu Nketiah said he believes what Paul has been doing is not journalism but mundane lotto forecasting.

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