Paul Okoye Is Not Happy With Nigerians And Here Is Why

Paul Okoye, one half of the famous African music duo, P-Square has lamented about one attitude of Nigerians which is driving him crazy. The singer took to his Instagram to make his frustrations known to his fans.

He said in his post that he finds it difficult understanding why Nigerians complain about everything entertainers do, especially one that has to with extending a helping hand to those in need. He wrote:

“You help someone today, they call you show off….you help in silence, they call you stingy #onlyinnaija….to an extent even when people need serious help, going public seeking for help or trying to raise fund, u will still hear some people saying “must they go public” mehhnnn….i taya!!!…yes I know some will say ur reward is in heaven…..but then must you kill and discourage while we re on earth!! Am sure as am typing these words now, some English teachers are cheking my grammar….that’s life we live in….have a great week all

Well, this doesn’t happen in only in Naija like Paul pointed out. Few weeks ago Sarkodie was called all sorts of names for trying to raise funds for an unknown young man. Paul Okoye is right about one thing; that’s life!

Ghbase Staff
Ghbase Staff
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