Paul Sinclair Bio, Career, Relationship, Vin Diesel’s Twin Brother

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Paul Sinclair, also known as Paul Vincent was born in Alameda, California, the United States of America on 18th July, 1967. His mother’s name is Delora Sherleeb. After several scouring, we could not find anything about his biological father. Paul Vincent and his twin brother, the popular American actor, Vin Diesel were adopted by their stepfather, Irwing H. Vincent who thought it wise to give them his last name.

Seems Paul Vincent is doing all he can to keep most of his information away from the media. He hasn’t shared anything about his childhood days and how life was when he was young. On the other hand, it’s his other twin brother, Vin Diesel who’s known by almost every movie lover.

Vin Diesel began to pursue a career in acting when he was very young since their stepfather, Irwing was also an acting teacher and manager. Presently, both Paul Vincent and his twin brother have had different career paths and enjoy every bit of it.

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Paul Vincent Height

Paul Vincent stands at a height of about 6 feet and 7 inches tall. He is also recorded to have moderate body weight. He also had a black eye colour and black hair as well. The actual body measurements of Paul Vincent are currently not available on the internet.


Paul Vincent Wife

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Factually, Vim Diesel’s twin brother has a lot of things about him that the internet doesn’t know about. According to many reliable sources, Paul Vincent is living a single life in Southern California, United States of America.

We believe, things will change when he starts to see someone or eventually gets married. For now, he is keeping a low profile so he can work things out normally.


Paul Sinclair Career

Paul Sinclair
Paul Vincent
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Paul Vincent appears to be someone who doesn’t always want to get part of him outside for reasons best known to himself. As a result of his decision, we have not been able to get every detail of his professional life and career while growing up to prominence.

But there are a few we know. Paul Vincent is said to have worked as a sound editor on Multi-Facial, a short drama film directed and written by Vin Diesel. He has also assisted on one of the Fast and Furious instalments. He has even seen onset during the shooting process. That alone also contributed partly to his popularity.

Some time ago, his twin brother, Vin Diesel uploaded a picture of Paul Vincent and the late actor, Paul Walker captioning ‘The Two Pauls’. After that, most people started to ask who the guy in the picture was and later it turned out that it was Vin Diesel’s twin brother. Since then, he won public attention as most people wanted to know more about him.

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Paul Vincent Net Worth

Paul Vincent is guestimated to have a net worth of about $400,00. He is certainly rich but his actual net worth is not publicly known. He might have a net worth higher than what has been listed.

However, Vin Diesel, Paul Vincent’s twin brother is estimated to have a net worth of about $200million. It is no doubt that, he is such a rich guy. He has featured in many popular and successful films in and outside the United States of America.

Vin Diesel Twin Brother

Vin Diesel is a popular and successful American actor. He has a twin brother whose name is Paul Vincent. His brother is now famous because of Vin Diesel’s popularity.

What Is Vin Diesel Real Name?

Vin Diesel’s real name is Mark Sinclair.

Summary Profile

Name: Paul Sinclair

Also Known As: Paul Vincent

Date Of Birth: 18th July, 1967

Age: 55 years of age as of 2022

Place of Birth: Alameda, California, United States of America

Career: Film maker

Net Worth: $400,000 approximately

Mother: Delora Sherleeb


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