Paula Patton Movies and TV Shows: Find Out

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She is an American actress and producer who was born on December 5, 1975. Patton debuted in a major motion picture with the 2005 comedy Hitch. What Paula Patton movies and TV shows have you enjoyed watching?

In this article, we want to take a look at the movies and TV shows that she has played starring roles.

Every professional is recognized for the work that they have done. Thus, as an actress, we would like to know the work she has done, that is, the movies and television shows that she has appeared in.

Paula Patton Movies and TV Shows: Biography

Is Paula Patton married
Paula Patton
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Before we zoom in on her movies and television shows, let’s take a look at her early life and everything that there is to know about her personal life.

By the time we get to look at Paula Patton movies and TV shows, we would have known about her background.

Patton was born in Los Angeles, California, to Charles Patton and Joyce Patton.

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Her father is Black and of African ancestry, while her mother is White and of German and Dutch lineage.

After graduating from Alexander Hamilton High School, she enrolled in the University of California, Berkeley, and spent her first year there before transferring to the University of Southern California’s Film School.

She obtained a three-month job producing documentaries for PBS soon after completing her studies.

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e want to know Paula Patton movies and TV shows, but how did her career begin?

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Career Beginnings

Paula Patton made her acting debut in 2005’s romantic comedy Hitch, which also starred Will Smith. She then had a brief role in the drama movie London that same year.

She co-starred with Big Boi and Andre Benjamin from the group OutKast in the musical movie Idlewild, which was written and directed by Bryan Barber, in 2006.

Patton’s major break came in 2006 when she and Denzel Washington were cast in the key female lead role of Claire Kuchever in the science fiction thriller Déjà Vu.

Despite the film’s mixed critical reception, it was a box office success, earning over US$180 million globally.

Paula Patton has gone on to appear in several movies and TV shows, some of which we will bring you.

Paula Patton Movies and TV Shows

Paula Patton Net Worth
Paula Patton

Déjà Vu (2006), Precious (2009), 2 Guns (2013), and Sesame Street are some of Paula Patton movies and TV shows, what other do you know of?

Other movies Paula Patton has starred in include the following; London, Idlewild, Mirrors, Swing Vote, Precious, Just Wright, Jumping the Broom, Dishonest, Baggage Claim, Mercy, About Last Night, Past Forward, The Perfect Match, The Do-Over, Warcraft, Traffik, Sacrifice, and Four Kids and It.

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TV Shows

Paula Patton has appeared in a number of television shows as well. These include; Murder Book, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Single Ladies, Sesame Street, Runner, Project Runway, Sacrifice, Somewhere Between, and The Devil’s Promise.

Only just 47 years old, she is going to appear in more movies and television shows. These are what have made her who she is today.


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