Paying tithes monthly won’t get you blessings-Gospel Singer, Joseph Matthew

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UK-based Ghanaian gospel artist, Joseph Matthew has said there’s no special blessing that comes with paying tithes as opposed to the twisted doctrines of modern-day pastors.

Transmitting his controversial statement on Hitz FM, the singer emphasized that Christians are obligated to pay their tithes to God but not every month as mandated by the men of God of the latter days.  

He argued that God never gave instructions to Christians to pay their tithes monthly but specified that people must be able to do good unto their neighbours and friends to attract his blessings and not through tithes. 

He further explained that tithes began started with Abraham who under was under compulsion to give 10% of his income to God as a sacrifice but the deed was never instructed by God.

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Matthew said to attract God’s blessing does not hinge on paying tithe but by doing good to one’s neighbour. Watch the video below for more information;

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