Peace Council to intervene in Organised Labour and gov’t stalemate over 2023 base pay

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With escalating tensions among worker unions, GBC News has learned that the National Peace Council is working to mediate the many conflicts between the government and organized labor.

When negotiations for the new 2023 Base Pay for public sector workers on the Single Spine Structure broke down, the Council reached out to the unions to encourage them to negotiate a fair settlement with the government.

Reverend Emmanuel Badu Amoah, executive secretary of the Peace Council’s Ashanti Regional Secretariat, confirmed this to GBC News.

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A potential or actual conflict that threatens the general peace, safety, security, and stability of the country has prompted the Peace Council to intervene, as per the Executive Secretary’s explanation that this is in keeping with the Council’s mandate to pre-empt for resolution and amicable management of such conflicts.

Reverend Badu Amoah said that the Council is not letting its guard down in regard to the recently announced government policy of the Debt Exchange Programme, which has since caused consternation among the labor movement and other interested parties, and that there is an immediate need for all parties to appreciate the concerns of each other in the ultimate national interest.


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