People Are Not What They Post Online – Juliet Ibrahim Passionately Advises People To Be Content With What They Have

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Screen goddess Juliet Ibrahim has re echoed the advise of people not following what they see on social media but rather being content with what they have.

Most at times people are moved by what they see online especially posts by celebrities and social media influencers making them feel pressured to also have what they see on the internet.

The actress has passionately advised that people should be really content with what they have and not feel pressured or bothered about what these celebrities or social media influencers post on the internet.

She wrote, “Don’t trust everything You see on social media, even salt looks like sugar. Some people aren’t really all they “post” to be…

So, live your life and be content with whatever it is you have and have achieved for yourself. Do not wish to be like anyone else. Secret of social media is; Packaging is EVERYTHING! Don’t be misled. 💪😊💯✌️ #atoasttolife #dreambig #workhard #stayfocused

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