“People Are Passionate About Your Downfall, Pray Before You Leave Home” –Reno Omokri Admonishes People

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Popular Nigerian author Reno Omokri has charged people not to dare to leave their homes without praying.

He stated that a lot of people are passionate about your downfall which makes it imperative to pray before you leave home for any place as you pray can stop them from harming you.

He added that a lot of haters are praying for your downfall, and so if you leave home without committing yourself to God their prayer intended to harm you will come to pass, and to prevent that, you need to counter their prayer with your own.

According to Reno Omokri, prayer is the way forward as your physical strength can never overcome your haters.

It is quite unimaginable that someone would just sit somewhere and wish for the downfall of others who have worked so hard for what they have achieved when they could channel that energy into building themselves up.

For Reno, it is just important to pray before you leave home to enable you to overcome every machination against you.

He tweeted:

“How dare you leave home without praying?

Do you know how many haters pray for your downfall?

Do you think you can withstand them with your physical efforts alone?

People are passionate about your downfall. Without God, their passion will succeed!”

Never leave your house to any place without praying!”

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