People extorting money from me, GH¢3000 for Facebook password, isn’t about my illiteracy – Lilwin debunks popular perception

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When Ghanaians got to know that comic actor LilWin has paid an amount of GH¢3000 (30 million old Ghana cedis) in acquisition of his Facebook password, critical thinking Ghanaians attributed the weird action of LilWin to the popular saying “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!

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For it’s difficult to understand why a rational being should pay such a whopping amount for something it can be done relatively free or with lesser cost. In short, it highlighted the importance of classroom education which  the comic actor under discussion failed to get growing up for obvious reasons.

Nonetheless, LilWin born Kwadwo Nkansah thinks otherwise. He feels his illiteracy in no way accounted for the extortion not just about the Facebook password but any financial demand made by his friends, acquaintances as well as business partners.

Kumawood actor LilWin has paid GH¢3000 for his Facebook password acquisition

Speaking to Amansan Krakye, host of CenTral DryVe on Radio Central, in a virtual interview, LilWin posited that whatever had happened and still happening to him is normal to every popular personality. “When you’re struggling, you struggle alone but immediately you become a star, one automatically becomes a source of livelihood for many giving room to extortion as in the voice of the actor.

“It’s normal to every star in the world especially Ghana. God made you a star so that others can benefit from you, but woe to those who take excessive advantage. So, not only LilWin that faces such problem but it cuts across even the president and not perhaps my illiteracy”, LilWin added.

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Kwadwo Nkansah sounded optimistic that as far as he has a clean heart, God will never make him become a beggar in the near future. To him, God has blessed him genuinely and not about the works of any traditional priest or whatsoever as it has been erroneously communicated in the media.

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