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Oh yes, you’ve heard all of the news and by now you sure know, what’s the truth now. It was rumored that Becca had had some wild 90 minutes of s3x with some footballer and a minister. And Becca had issued a statement to DEBUG that rumour. Read it here.

The said statement released by Becca on her Facebook page was in reply to some career diminishing  posts made by one Ghanaian journalist known as Newton-Offei Justice Abeeku and Afia Shwarnegger of Utv’s Kokorkor  a woman everyone is beginning to find as boring and………. as described by some pundits. I leave the space to you. Minutes after Becca had posted the said statement on her page, fans couldn’t just wait to vomit their support for the beautiful Becca in the comments box. Ghbase.Com got soo intrigued  by how some of the fans lashed out insults on all those who almost nearly stained immorality on their role model, but like they say, a coin always have too sides, and just when some people believed her and defended her, some also even insulted Becca. So Ghbase. Co  gathered some of these funny comments by people on the issue. Read all of them belowAFIA

AFIA afiahalot ashabecca beccapaa dareher afiahalot

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Meanwhile the dude who is known to have started the whole sex saga thing is apologising to Becca already. I have attached his picture for your viewing.

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It is alleged at least by Becca that, the said journalist had mentiond this ; Below

 “i have just had the opportunity to watch a video of some GFA officials having hot sex with some of these so-called soccer ambassadors that were taken toBrazil and paid $25,000 each from the taxpayers’ money; and the content is so damn explicit and menacingly eye-popping.”
“ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ghana’s most notorious presidential ‘comforters’ with their fake-wigs and tons of layers of pons on their faces to fill the gaping-wrinkles, who now travel with John Dramani Mahama in the presidential jet on all his foreign trips,both official and private; and with them is Ghana’s only most accomplished porn-star”.


So, hmmm, i can tell you, we sure going to have a crazy weekend in Ghana. stay tuned, we will bring you more updates. It’s Ghbase.Com. Tweet at us on Twitter at @officialghbase and tell us what you think in the comments box below


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