People Show Their Real Character After Getting Some Coins In their Wallet – Prince David Osei

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It is said that people put up their best behaviour when they are poor or broke. This assertion could be true because in most cases when people need something from you they will act all sweet and nice.

Well according to Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei, no matter how nice you are to people, there are those who will still be ungrateful.

Prince David Osei added that peoples real character come to light when they get small change in their pocket.

He wrote; Be nice and help people as much as you can, its divine. Don’t worry about the ungrateful ones. Some people show their real character when they are poor and broke, they appear loyal, humble, but their true nature comes out when they get some small coins. It pays to be humble and always grateful to those who held you down, when no one did!!!!! Stay blessed fam.”

Prince David Osei has said it all. Broke people always appear humble and loyal until they start getting some small coins.

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