“People told me they will kill me if I do not stop music” – Wendy Shay

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New Artist of the year, Wendy Shay has been threatened by several people over Ebony.

Ever since the death of talented and unapologetic musician, Ebony, fans have been on Wendy Shay and Bullet’s neck for trying so hard to make Wendy Shay a replica of Ebony

“I had death threats; people telling me all kinds of things like they will kill me if I do not stop music, if I do not stop being like Ebony. I can never be her and I got confused because I was never like her, I have never wanted to be like her,” she said in an interview with ShowBiz

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Fans have claimed that Bullets makes ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker, Wendy Shay sing just like Ebony and pushes her to behave like her. Wendy Shay has debunked such rumors and said she has never wanted to be like Ebony

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She added that, “Ebony stood for Afrobeats, she was herself and did what she loved. That inspired me and I fell in love with her. I had wanted to meet her but unfortunately, she passed on. I was and I’m still a fan of Ebony,”

She further praised her boss, Bullet for pushing his artistes to be comfortable. “Bullet is also one person who makes sure his artistes are comfortable. He is good at that so it gives us no option than to be ourselves and excel in our dealings”.

She also clarified that she has made more than owning apple products from music. “My status now is really better. I recall when our house got burnt, if I was not Wendy Shay, I’m wondering how I would have been able to survive or help my mom and brother get a roof over their heads”

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