People Want To Invest In My Music Career But They Want To Sleep With Me First-Feli Nuna

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Ghanaian musician Feli Nuna wants to be able to do her music without having to return sex as a means of appreciation and has expressed the discomfort producers make her go through.

According to Feli, she’s turned down several offers from  some record labels because those in charge want to ‘beng’ her before handing her the deal.

Feli Nuna earlier this year issued a warning to all the record label in Ghana stating that she’s an independent artist and any record label who would wish to sign her should bring not less than a million dollars.

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According to the songstress who is open to welcoming a record label to sign her in an interview with Ameyaw Tv mentioned she has done so well so far as an independent artiste but it seems all those knocking at her doors are demanding what she’s not willing to give.

“I want an executive producer who does not want to sleep with me but who wants to bring me money and work with me,” she stated.

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The ‘Gelaway’ hitmaker continued that since she left her former record label, Beehive Entertainment labels bug her with s#x demands to manage her.

“I’ve had a lot of offers from people who want to invest in my craft but they all say: ‘Your waist is nice’, or ‘you are a nice girl’, and at the end, sometimes they might not start from the beginning but it always gets there and I always complain,” she lamented.

Feli Nuna noted that if investors can support male artists without any sexual benefits, then they should also do the same for female artists.

“All the male artistes you see, big men and influential people support them, so, does it mean that they also sleep with them? You are investing to get your money back; that is the same way you should approach it with a female artiste as well,” she stressed.

The songstress urged rich female entrepreneurs to invest in female artists because the music business is lucrative.

“I’ve been facing this [challenge] from the onset of my career. I urge women who are financially sound to invest as well, they should also invest in other female artists as well. Trust me, the music business is booming, you can make a lot of money from the music business if you take it seriously. More record labels focus on the show, not the business,” she advised.

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