People Who Always Complain About Their Life Are Fake And Need No Sympathy – Nadia Buari (+Screenshot)

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One funny thing I’ve observed about most Ghanaians is that, once you complain about how bad your life is to someone, the person tells you how worse theirs are. It’s basically like a competition of who is poorer or in a bad state.

With that being said, beautiful Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has stated how extremely annoying it is when people continuously give excuses for their bad attitude towards others.

According to Nadia Buari, she finds people who are always giving one excuse after another for mistreating others as fake.

The beautiful mother of four took to her Instagram page to write;
Don’t you find it annoying when someone continually gives you the excuse of going through so much, hence their reason for shutting out, when their issues are none compared to yours? Well news flash, those type of people are hands down fake, either they are exaggerating their issues or just don’t wanna be bothered. Fake people will always find an excuse and you only need one thing from them and that is “Distance”.

It is indeed annoying when someone constantly distance themselves from you or treat you bad and blame it on going through tough times.
The long and short of Nadia Buari’s message is that everybody is going through one struggle or the other but that should not be a reason to treat others bad.

Checkout her post below;

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