“People Who Are Friends To Rich Men Are Even More Boastful Than The Rich Men Themselves, Why?”–Erigga quizzes

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The Nigerian rapper, Erigga is finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that people who are friends with rich men tend to be prouder than the the people that actually made the money.

Oftentimes, the followers of rich men feel they are the real deal, trying so hard to even steal the headlines from they that actually made the money.

Sometimes, they do that just to impress their masters in the hope that some coins will come their way and in so doing, they overdo it and one would think they are even the purse controllers.

“Why e be say people when be friends to people when get money dey get pride pass the actual people when get the money ?” Erigga quizzes.

It’s true when they say empty barrels make noise most ; sometimes friends of rich men would just be all over the place you’d think they are the rich men meanwhile they are just friends with them and nothing else.

Rich men are often cool because all their speech is done with the money and so no need stressing themselves up.

Some of them even go behind these rich men and do things behind their back using their names just because of their association with them and most times, gullible people fall for their antics.

Screenshot of Erigga’s tweet below;

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