People Who Laugh At Your Jokes Are More Likely To Have Sekz With You.

Have you ever wanted to know if someone likes you. Well I am going to share with you one easy way to find out if someone likes you…… Try to make them laugh.

If the laughter comes easy,the answer is likely yes. If it doesn’t, the answer is likely no. So when a woman constantly laughs at whatever silly things you say even when its not funny,they are likely to go out with you and even go the extra mile with you.

But if you are desperately trying to win a woman over with jokes and no matter how hard you try, she doesn’t laugh at them or find them funny,its very likely she’s not interested in you and therefore you need to give up.

Therefore humorous exchange among existing partners or friends allows people to indicate whether they are satisfied or aligned with each other.

For example,when I decided to write this piece,I noticed one day that my friend’s partner was no longer laughing at some of the silly little things she said or did that used to make him laugh.

So I decided to talk to her about this theory, but she only said his lack of laughter had nothing to do with dissatisfaction – he was just worried about other things. Well a few months later,the relationship crumbled, they separated and never got back together. It turned out that the time when he started not laughing at her jokes was exactly when he started confiding in others.

So its pretty obvious how laughter shared between couples is very important. So the next time a guy or a girl laughs at anything you say, just ask the person out and he or she might just say yes.


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