Personality Of Each Air Zodiac Sign

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There are a total of twelve astrological signs with four key elements namely; water, fire, earth and air that describe and group all of the 12 zodiac signs. There are, however, three air signs namely Libra, Gemini and finally Aquarius.

People with this kind of zodiac sign are good communicators, critical thinkers, and action executors. They take time to think deep into issues, analyse, probe and of course, synthesize. Their sense of intelligence helps them make quality decisions and arrive at a conclusive ending.

There’s one particular air sign for each element that’s whether they fall at the beginning of a season (cardinal signs – Libra Sign), middle of a season (fixed signs – Aquarius Sign), or end of a season (mutable signs – Gemini).

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Personality Of Every Air Sign

Air Zodiac Sign


Gemini is a zodiac sign that represents twins. They are believed to be mutable air signs. They are the chattiest among all the available signs. Geminis also tend to make decisions easily, faster and more accurately because of their ability to understand situations. According to them, there isn’t any right or wrong way to think or act to situations.

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As they are created, they do all their best to understand every situation because of their dualistic nature. Additionally, they are the air sign who share the news, gossip and truth. Simply, people born under this zodiac sign know how to move around and socialize with a different calibre of people.

One of the best things about them is, that they do not take things too seriously so others are advised to be cautious when starting an argument with them.


Everything about the Libra zodiac sign is getting balanced. It is a cardinal sign. It comes at the beginning of a season. They use their critique and intellectual nature to help shape the world to be a better place. As much as they are flirty, they are always seen to be crushing on people and probably, someone is also crushing on them too.

They are also famous for their ability to make just and fair decisions but it mostly takes them a long time to arrive at a conclusion. This is why Libras can be confusing and indecisive and tend to seek advice from other people. According to their nature, they always want to be sure that they are making the right decision.


The Aquarius zodiac sign comes in the middle of the season (winter). They are at times called aliens or weirdos among other signs. They are, however, represented by the water bearer due to their ability to offer knowledge to the world. Aquarians are mostly humanitarians and they speak collectively.

Additionally, they process relationships, random situations, and other thoughtful things at a higher rate because they keep their eye on the main picture. They do their best to find out how their information could help people and the society at large.

Aquarians are also good at critical thinking and innovation. They come up with ideas that are appreciated and needed to solve a specific problem.

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