Photo Of 6 Female Doctors Who Are All Friends Takes Over The Internet

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A photo of six female doctor friends making the rounds on Twitter is undoubtedly one of the coolest things you might find on the internet today. 

The photo was shared by one of the doctors on Twitter with the handle, @chioma__0. Chioma shared the photo by writing;

“Me and all my girls stay winning! All doctors by the way.”

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Netizens instantly fell in love with them and the interesting comments below testify to that;

@kelplus – Don’t you guys need patients?

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@Okolichiaza – I don’t think women understand that fixed lashes is a big turn off

@SageKingfisher – It’s wicked of you to not have tagged them for the congratulations to reach them in particular

@oluwadavenchi – Me and my guys…..All patients by the way

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@Menyir1 – Medical school have the ugliest girls on camp, but this crew got me thinking twice, they look beautiful like pharmacy girls

@josh_savage03 – Sorry what’s the name of the one on the 2nd left wearing shirt nd a trouser?

Dcole33118136 – Please the one with the curfew pants is all I need right now and be with her for the rest of my life

@marshb – What we love to see. Not ass and boobs all the time. Queens be winning you deserve it

@rayjoe360 – Omo… Which Hospital do Ya’all work at?
My heart just started doing me some how..

@Dortune4 – Just this faces will cure 90% of any sickness that is brought in when any of this beauties are on duty

@jubrealkoko – Am only seeing group of beautiful ladies with bad hand writings

@MamiTech7 – Omo like this I no know how my body dey do me o. I’m not feeling well please which hospital is this

@ipm_xo – Congratulations dear…
Who’s the BGS among you guys? I want to check something

@tomyidowu – 6 doctors are supposed to be saving lifes but they’re out here slaying effortlessly

@Damokhin – I need to see the doctor in black and grey gown…… My tummy is doing me somehow oooooo


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