Photos: Afia Schwarznegger Runs To Prophet 1 For Counselling

In as much as Afia Schwarzenegger acted that she was unperturbed by the recent events that struck her on Social media, deep within, she was broken and hurt and that is a statement of fact. She’s realised she needs someone to counsel her and for that reason, decided to pay a visit to  Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center in Kumasi.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s marriage scandal hit social media when a video of her cheating with another man in her matrimonial home surfaced. There had already been several reports of her marriage collapsing days even before the video ended up on Social media.

Afia had insisted that, she divorced her husband in June, so in actual sense she did not cheat on him, but her own posts on Social media somewhere in August, gives her out.  The marriage was by ordinance and so legally they were and are still not divorced.

Afia Schwarzenegger really needed counseling from someone she feels she can trust and has indicated that, it was a pleasant experience meeting up with Prophet 1.

Afia Schwarzenegger in  an Instagram post thanked the Prophet for his words and company when she visited him for guidance..

See photos below:

Written By Chris Handler

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