Thursday, November 26, 2020

Photos: Ebony Reigns Is Occultist Artiste Sent To Destroy – Fan Exposes Ebony

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People love to have tattoos at different parts of their body especially celebrities with varied reasons. As a result, people also read different meanings into a tattoo and that can be very harmful to the person with tattoo especially when misinterpreted.


Rebecca Agana, ex fan of Ebony Reigns, has read a deep meaning into the mysterious tattoo under the breast of Ebony Reigns on Facebook as monitored by

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Rebecca Agana revealed that the tattoo under Ebony’s breast is called the ‘star of David and wings’ which represents occultism. Rebecca Agana goes on to reveal that she’s no more a fan of Ebony Reigns ever since she got to know the mystery behind Ebony’s tattoo. Read what she posted via Facebook below:


“Guys find the meaning of the tattoo under her breasts,is called the star of David and wings. This is an occultic sign used in magic,sorcery and the likes and also represents 666,i used to be her fan but not anymore cos am not ready to sell my soul to the devil. We could be taking 666 in a modernized way,lets be careful. Remember to search for the meaning(star of David and wings). Am referring to those who are not ready to sell their soul to the devil like me ,I Ve done my part.”


Based on the revelation, Rebecca Agana cautioned that people especially those who love the craft of Ebony to search for the meaning of the ‘star of David and wings’ to fully understand the mission of the Dancehall sensational artiste.

See photos of Ebony’s ‘occultic’ tattoo below including Rebecca Agana’s Facebook revelation post.



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