Photos From The 91st Birthday Of Robert Mugabe Which Allegedly Costed A Whopping 1 Million Dollars

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Here is a Zimbabwean president who still feels like a young man even at the age of 91. Robert Mugabe on Saturday, February 28th, 2015 turned 91 and his birthday celebration is indeed a grand one fit for a president.

Well, this is obviously why Africa is like this. We are undeveloped but yet we can spend gargantuan amounts of money of things that won’t in anyway benefit the people. Mugabe’s birthday party is alleged to have costed a whopping $1 million. There were several cakes of different makes and the favourite one of the president was the one made to look like a football pitch. Well, he must love football so much.

Mugabe  is also known for his intimate desire for elephant meat and wouldn’t skip a day without eating some.

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His birthday took place at the  Elephant Hills Resort in Victoria Falls. See the photos from his birthday after the cut:

man mugabe2 mugabe3 mugabe6 mugabe7 mugabe9 robert-mugabe


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