Photos: Inside Shatta Wale’s New $550,000 5-Bedroom House From Zylofon Media Inside Trassacco

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Shatta Wale is enjoying the fruit of his labor people! The dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale who joined the giant record label Zylofon Music under Zylofon Media has received his house as part of the things he’s supposed to get in the contract and with soo much excitement gave his fans a virtual tour into his new home in a Facebook live.

Moments after Shatta Wale went on a Facebook live, some people doubted his claim and pulled screenshots from Tonaton suggesting that, the house was for “rent” and that Shatta Wale was only hyping the property owners but we should all disregard that assertion as there’s clear evidence that, indeed Shatta Wale is now the rightful owner of the new house.

Property listing website MeQasa who recently bought Jumia House so they can best serve the interest of people looking to buy homes or rent apartments posted the news on on their website and congratulated him on his new house, which is located in East Legon-Trasaacco.

Shatta Wale is now the owner of a new house that was bought for him by Zylofon at half a million dollars and like he said in his live video, this would be his second house in East Legon and the “ONLY” artiste in Ghana to own two houses in East Legon.

Shatta Wale’s new 5 bedroom house which cost $550,000 according to Sage Properties, comes with a swimming pool, annex (boys quarters, we are sure the Militants will be housed there…lol), roof terrace, 3 balconies, a wine room and a beautifully fitted kitchen.

This East Legon beauty comes complete with all the important amenities a star like Shatta needs to live luxuriously, from air conditioning, cooker, washing machine, microwave, garden and rock solid security.—Meqasa wrote.

If you should get this house, you would understand the hilarity Shatta Wale exhibited in the live video.

This would be his second house in East Legon. The first one which he bought before joining Zylofon is what was priced at $1 million and he’s shared several photos and videos of that house and recently said he was giving that house out to his baby mama, Shatta Michy.

Take a look at some of the photos of the house below:

shatta wale new house at east legon photos
Shatta Wale in the Kitchen of his new house
shatta wale new house at east legon photos
The Shatta Ship House
shatta wale new house at east legon photos
The swimming pool area in his house
shatta wale new house at east legon photos
What a beautiful house
shatta wale new house at east legon photos
Another angle

Now Watch The Video Of Shatta Wale giving a virtual tour into his $550,000 house at East Legon.

The writer of this article, Chris Handler is a co-founder of this blog | Click here to follow him on Face.

P.s: I’m not a Shatta Wale fan, you are likely to come across an article that won’t be in favor of Wale.—I like everyone!

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