Photos: Man Caught Having SeKz With A Prostitute During His Wife’s Burial In Zimbabwe

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Wonders shall never end in this world oo!

A man identified as Lucious Chiturumani was caught having sex with a prostitute whom he earlier claimed was his sister at his wife’s burial in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe.

According to the reports by Hmetro, the man lost his wife after a brief illness but his wife’s family members decided to bury her in their hometown since her husband didn’t fully pay her brideprice before her death.

Mr Chiturumani arrived at his deceased wife’s burial at her hometown in the company of a woman whom he introduced as his sister.

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They were given room to rest for the night and was told that some other guests will share the room with them.

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When no one else joined them, Mr. Chiturumani and his supposed sister decided to have sex in the early hours of the morning.

Claims are that just before 6am someone smoking outside leaning on the window heard some funny sounds emanating from the room which the two were resting in. The unidentified man then decided to call others to see what was happening inside.

Unfortunately, the doors had no locks and the two were found busy having sex.

A close relative of the deceased identified as Grace Mtethwa confirmed the incident saying that Chiturumani had brought disgrace to their family as the case will remain the talk of town.

“He has proven to be a dog and lacking any sense of morality. How can someone come all the way from Gweru to have sex here aaah? I had never seen anything like such in my entire life.”

The two were force-marched out of the room and Chiturumani was being slapped and kicked as he made the short walk to a car that was waiting for him in the yard.



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