Photos Of The Man Who Called Yvonne An “Ashawo” | He is An NDC Serial Caller Plus Details On Him

- Advertisement - reported that a man called Yvonne Nelson and verbally attacked her describing her with unprintable adjectives.

In the 12 second video Yvonne Nelson posted on her Facebook Page, the man is heard calling Yvonne an Ashawo and from what learned, he had said other distasteful things about her and the NPP before she could start recording him.
The man who called Yvonne is just one BIG FOOL and it is evident when he used his personal phone number to call her, forgetting he would be exposed and even worse, Yvonne could sue him for assault. did a research on the man who called Yvonne, and we gathered that, he is known as Frank Appiah, popularly known as Appiah Stadium, a well known serial caller.
Who is he? Appiah  Stadium was a staunch member and a serial caller of the NPP back then during Kuffour’s era but then joined the NDC camp during the Late Mills tenure and he is still a member and serial caller of the NDC.
He left the NPP because he said he was never appreciated during the time he was with the NPP
“According to him, the NPP neglected him when some scoundrels nearly claimed his life in Kumasi.
The NPP serial caller noted that even though he risked his life leading demonstrations against the NDC, the Ashanti regional branch of the NPP have expelled him from the party stating that he is now ‘in bed’ with the NDC.”
Ever since then, he has vowed never to vote for the  Nana Adoo Dankwa Akufffo Addo.
In case you didn’t know, sometime in 2013, this same man known as Appiah Stadium pleaded for mercy for fear of “Antoa” strike after he made similar utterances which infuriated a lady member of the NPP. Read about that story here. Perhaps, Yvonne Nelson should consider taking him to Antoa….lol
Below are pictures of the man Appiah Stadium who called Yvonne Nelson to insult her.
Apia Stadium left

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