Photos & Video: Shatta Wale Strips Half-N*kedd At Ghana Meets Naija| He Shows The Boxer Shorts He Got From Jamaica

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To be frank, Shatta Wale did amaze me with his performance at the Tigo Ghana Meets Naija. He came to the stage with so much energy, that everyone kept singing along with him.
At least, he’s made up with this performance for the appalling live band performance he gave us the other time. Maybe live band is not really his thing.
But on the night, Shatta did something pretty ridiculous and no one saw that coming. For a moment, I thought he’s lost control of his gear, but no, Shatta was very sane. So what did Shatta do? He stripped almost nakk*d (I intentionally spelt it wrong) making fans roar.
Everyone was surprised, that he did that,, but I guess he was overjoyed, which made him do that. The dancehall king, took all of his clothes except for his boxer shorts and singlet, then he signed out from the stage.
Well, he had to do that! I learnt he bought the boxer shorts and singlet in Jamaica when he went for his tour there recently. It’s just prudent that he showed us how nice Jamaican boxers could be right? 🙊🙊🙊🙊 Follow me on Twitter @chrishandlergh
See the photos belowshasta-goes-gaga shasta-goes-gaga
Watch the video below:



Photo Credit: Pluzz Fm


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