“Pipos” Come & See oooo, Lydia Forson Was Made To Cry On Twitter Today With This Reply & She’s LITERALLY Blocking Everybody

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Lydia Forson could best be described as the most intolerant female celebrity in Ghana and a very rude one as such and that explains why she’s always picking up fights with random people on Social media each time she makes a post.

Today being father’s day the A-list actress chose to express her bitterness for men in a Tweet and some people were not happy with that tweet.  The actress had suggested in her tweet that, men should be GOOD fathers, so they wouldn’t have be begging to be celebrated.

That tweet resulted in a series of replies from her followers and in one of the exchanges with one Twitter user, she asked him why he was following her, if he didn’t like her.

That Tweet that pissed people off
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He gave the most savage reply and the internet has declared him the winner. Lydia asked; “Why are you following me tho?” and the Twitter user with the username @ipoke_em replied; “People say you don’t have sense, I am here to confirm” (Certainly, his ass will be blocked…..lol)

See that Tweet below:

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Well, certainly other Twitter users agree that Lydia Forson is a bitter woman. Check some of the Tweets below:


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