‘Please Help The Creative Industry’- Stonebwoy Appeals To Government

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Bhim Nation president, Stonebwoy has made a passionate appeal to the government to turn its attention to the creative industry as it’s a huge avenue for job employment for the youth.

Stonebwoy said there are so many job opportunities to be created through creative arts. He made this strong appeal as a guest speaker at the the launch of the Youth Employment Agency’s Job Centre.

He said:

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There is so much job to be made around even the creative arts. Me as I roll out here at least I can count up to not less than 10 of people who are employed around me just to keep me running; devoid of the production, devoid of the managerial and all these things” he said.

”These ones create opportunities for people to put monies in our pocket. People print my T-shirts in the North, in the west and the East, people create BHIM  fanbases and they sell stuff over there to eat and fend for themselves. I do not go attacking them whatsoever because this is what we can also do indirectly” he added.

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”So we’ll just urge that the government would also look at the creative art sector beyond the artisan or whatever because it creates employment for people as well,” he concluded.

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