‘Please marry my father when I die’ – Ghanaian school kid diagnosed with cancer pens down emotional letter to teacher before death

An 11-year-old schoolgirl has put many to tears after she penned down an emotional letter to her teacher and made a last request days before her death.

The young girl diagnosed with cancer moved her madam to tears after her dad sent the emotional letter to her teacher after she passed on.

In the letter, Christabel as she’s been identified talked about how she loves her teacher also known as Miss Koomson for showing her love and care while she was suffering from the incurable disease.

She revealed that, unlike the teacher, her mother is a bad person because whenever she asked her to buy something for her when she was diagnosed with cancer, the mother would shout at her that she will die very soon and there was no need to spend on her.

She also revealed that her mother always hides her from visitors because she felt shy to let people know her condition.

Miss Marie Koomson took to Twitter to share the letter written to her by little Christabel.

Wow… A friend’s 11year old daughter died yesterday and today her father sent me this note. I’m teary now chale. Let’s be kind for no reason guys. RIP Christabel



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