Pokello Furious With Elikem’s Alleged Sex Partner, Gloria Lamptey & Elikem Is Soo Angry With Her Right Now!

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You would remember some few months ago, Elikem was accused by ex-blackstar football Odartey Lamptey for bonking his wife and fathering the children, he thought were his. (Read it here: Odartey Lamptey Takes Elikem To Court)
Now, months down the line, when we all thought those allegations had been forgotten especially when Elikem was dating and is still dating the BBA Housemake from Zimbabwe, Pokello. Well, now it appears Pokello is who had indicated that her fiancee, Elikem was innocent and trusts that, Elikem was not capable of doing something like that especially looking at the age gap between Elikem and Gloria Odartey, ex-wife of Odartey Lamptey.

Now, Ghbase.Com has learnt that, ex-wife of the footballer could be harrasing and not-willing to let go off ELikem according to revelations made known to us by Pokello, fiancee of Elikem. On Saturday, Pokello took to her twitter and instagram page, ranting over claims, that Gloria Lamptey has been harrassing her.

She posted

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“Can someone please ask this 46year old woman why she continues to harass me over an Elikem who is 26years old? Grandmother- I’m done playing games with you- Lets blast this shit. Your 3 children are the same age as him!!!! #Nonsense”

It appears, she was very furious and the only way for her to spill her rage was to post it on social media, so we all can know about it. She then tweeted again the caption below:

pokello fights elikem

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Now, moments after tweeting that, Elikem, her fiancee also posted the caption below on instagram telling Pokello to deal with her insecurities and leave Gloria Lamptey alone and tweeting also “ I called u with a strange number and sent u messages. U quickly run here and put up Her number and talk like this. SMH.”(Read also: Elikem Still bonking Gloria Lamptey)


From all indications, it appears Pokello is insecured in her relationship and it’s no surprise she is that way especially when Elikem had asked her to marry him sometime in May at this year’s Vodafone Music Video Awards which she willingly accepted but have not been married yet. We all thought the wedding was going to follow in the next few weeks, but till now, nothing had happened. (Read also: Elikem unsure of when to marry fiancee)

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Could it be that Pokello’s insecurity or lack of trust for Elikem is what is delaying the marriage? Fans of the couple on twitter are already expressing their dismay over the problems the couple are having. They are our own Remeo and Juliet and they had gone for wild $10,000 holiday trip in August and shared all the fun they both had togther and social media Click here to see them all.

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