Pokuase Interchange: Newly installed crash barriers stolen by thieves disguised as construction workers

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Only three months after the Pokuase Interchange opened, some unscrupulous individuals stole some of the newly installed galvanised crash barriers mounted at the interchange, posing a risk to road users.

According to a Daily Graphic report, The stolen crash barriers, worth $3,500 and intended to protect vehicles from falling over from a high embarkment onto the main road for vehicles coming from Kwabenya, cover a 40-metre stretch.

The total number of stolen crash barriers is ten, each measuring four feet.

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As if that weren’t enough, 40 streetlights along the stretch were also damaged at the interchange.

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The stolen barriers were installed on a high cliff or embankment to prevent vehicles using a service road from the Victoria College area in Pokuase from falling over from a height of about three meters onto the road from Kwabenya towards the main interchange.

When the Daily Graphic toured the interchange on Monday (October 4), it discovered that, even though the bolts and nuts holding the barriers had been welded to prevent easy removal, the crash barriers had been removed.

The majority of motorists on that stretch of road were unaware of the danger ahead as they drove by. However, a few who may have noticed that the stretch had become bare slowed down as they approached.

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