Police Arrest Main Suspect Behind The Killing Of Two Police Officers At Buduburam-Kasoa

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The main suspect who is said to have killed two police officers in Gomoa Buduburam near Kaso has been arrested.

Eric Kojo Duah, who has been declared wanted by the police was on his way to the Volta region en route Akosombo in the Eastern region when he was nabbed.

According to the information from the police, “policemen detailed on duty at Atimpoku bridge were alerted to arrest occupants of a black Golf car with registration number GW 5972-18 heading towards Volta region”.

The suspect had a big plaster on the left side of his face at the time of his arrest to disguise himself since there is a bounty of ¢10,000 on his head.

Mr Duah is said to be the masterminded behind the attack and killing of Sergeant Michael Gyamesie and Lance Corporal Awal Mohammed at Gomoa Buduburam in the Central region on Wednesday.

Sources tell Joy News the suspect and his armed gang were in an unregistered blue-black Toyota Camry from an area called Kasoa-Vodafone heading towards the Bawjiase road which is a major hideout for robbers.

Eyewitness of the gruesome murder of the two cops said when one of the police officers approached the suspect, who was driving the unregistered blue/black Toyota Camry vehicle in an attempt to arrest him, the police officer first slapped the suspect in the face.

The suspect, in turn, went to his car under the pretence of taking out money from the car according to the eyewitness, but brought out the gun and fired at the police officer.

he eyewitness said the police officer then took to his heels and headed towards the grocery shop in which the eyewitness and two other persons were.

The officer, who was then bleeding profusely reportedly urged the eyewitnesses to take cover and they did so by hiding behind a refrigerator inside the grocery shop.

The suspect, according to the eyewitness entered the shop and ordered them out after which he shot again at the police officer.

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