Police Officer Arrested For Taking The Life Of His Wife And Blaming Another Officer For It

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A Husband accused of brazenly k!lling an NYPD officer wife has blamed another police officer for being the reason he k!lled his wife.

Argenis de Jesus Baez Pizano is accused of repeatedly st@bbing Officer Arianna Reyes-Gomez, 31, in her home on Grand Concourse early Monday, June 13.

After an argument between the couple, surveillance video shows Pizano, 34, confronting Reyes-Gomez in her doorway, and struggling with her as he pushed his way inside, Assistant District Attorney David Birnbaum said.

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He st@bbed her eight times in the breasts, leg, chest and back, and video shows him leaving her home two minutes later, carrying a knife, Birnbaum said. He then confessed to an aunt, who had her son call 911, Birnbaum said.

In a bizarre statement to detectives on Tuesday, the accused man tried to blame his spouse’s fellow patrol officer who he alleges she was having an affair with.

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He claims the officer told him to commit the bloody crime.

“If you find [the officer, the officer] is the one who told me to do this. He’s the one who told me to k!ll her,” Pizano told investigators, Assistant District Attorney David Birnbaum said at Pizano’s arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court Tuesday afternoon.

In another statement to cops, he said, “I can’t believe I did that,” Birnbaum said.

“And that was preserved on video,” the prosecutor added.

Pizano’s defense lawyer, John Russo suggested to reporters he was angered by an alleged extramarital affair.

Outside the courtroom, Pizano’s brother, who spoke in Spanish through a translator but didn’t give his name, alleged the victim was having an affair.

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