“Politicians Have Messed Nigeria Up But I’m Still Proud Of My Country”-2baba Says

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Nigerian singer, Innocent Ujah Idibia popularly known as 2baba has said that he is still proud of his home country no matter how politicians have messed the country up.

It is said that no one points to their father’s house with their left finger because no matter how bad you think things are, that is where you’re eventually going to end up.

For 2baba, the fact that politicians have messed the country up does not mean that he should forsake the country.

He proclaimed that he is still proud of Nigeria with his full chest.

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This is a sign of patriotism that when everyone is bashing their leaders for messing things up, and saying so many bad things about the country, you stand up for your country with hopes that things will change.

2baba admitted that it’s become very difficult for everybody in the country but he is choosing to keep his hopes alive as he believes things are going to change for the better.

2baba professed his love for his country despite the ditch politicians have driven it into in a message he posted on his Instagram stories.

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He asked for God’s blessing to change things whiles declaring Nigeria as the Headquarters of Africa.

Below is the screenshot of what 2baba posted on his Instagram stories;

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