Polygamous Entity: Kenyan man builds two identical houses for his two wives; netizens react

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A Kenyan man known as Hez Jakamollo has shared photos of the two identical houses he’s built for his two wives which are almost in completion stages, and netizens are applauding him for being fair.

Hez who says he believes in polygamy, which is something his ancestors practiced shared the photos on his Facebook page and has since then gone viral.

The two houses he’s built for his wives are just few meters away from each other, meaning he wouldn’t have to be too far away from each of them.

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Knowing how women can be, living in the same space with a lover, Hez’z strategy has wowed netizens with many praising him for being fair and giving equal treatment to both women.

He captioned the photos:

Some of the reactions on his post read:

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