Polygamy: Muslim Lady Believes Getting Married To A Married Man Is The Best Thing

Polygamy is the practice of marrying multiple spouses. When a man is married to more than one wife at the same time, it is called this polygamy.

Safiyyat believes getting married to a married man is a good thing

Polygamy is somewhat prevalent among the Muslim community as the Islamic religion permits it.

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Against this backdrop, a Muslim lady has asserted on Twitter that getting married to a married man is the best thing to happen to a woman.

According to the lady, a Nigerian presumably, who goes by the name, Safiyyat, getting married to a married man is one that comes with a bonus in the sense that you get a husband and a sister as well.

“Getting married to a married man is the best thing because it comes with a bonus a husband and a sister,” she tweeted.

Her assertion is likely to be a topical issue, particularly amongst women, as there are quite a number of ladies out there who’d state emphatically that they aren’t willing to share their men with any other woman.

With the population of women, by a distance more than men, polygamy would likely do for the world as a lot more women would get the chance to enjoy the sacred institution known as marriage, but are some women ready to do this?

Do men also have the capacity, I.e the wherewithal, to take multiple women as their wives?

There’s the talk of women giving themselves out to men to be married as one of the signs of the end time, but as the Islamic religion permits this, the Christian religion doesn’t.

Safiyyat has certainly said her mind, you probably will have your own reservations regarding her assertion. Share with us!

There have been stories where things haven’t gone so well in the homes of polygamous men because the wives engage in feuds here and there, but there are also a few ones out there where it’s gone so well that the women actually hold themselves as sister and this is what Safiyyat regards as a bonus.

See Safiyyat’s tweet below;




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